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P-Visa Attorney in Atlanta

What is a P1 Visa?

The P1 visa is granted to athletes--whether as individuals or part of a team--who will be participating in athletic programs within the US. This type of visa allows for self-promotion or promotion of one's team and sport. It's also great for entertainers, whether they're individuals or a group. It may be used to participate in a variety of entertainment programs, challenges, and other activities.


P1 visa is divided into two groups:

· The P1A visa is for internationally renowned athletes or sports teams and is reserved for those who are eligible.

· The P1B visa is for people who are members of an internationally recognized entertainment group.

What are the requirements?

The requirements for these types of visas are similar. If a sports or performance group is attempting to enter the United States, they must have two or more members. Musical groups such as this qualify, featuring one solo artist and other musical contributors.

It is required that the group was formed at least a year ago, and that ¾ of the current team must have been part of it for a minimum of one year. Recently assembled teams are tough to qualify and difficult to verify their acknowledgment.


For the P-1 it is required that you meet at least 2 of the following conditions:


· Athletes must have participated in a major US sports league


· Athletes must have participated in a US college, university, or intercollegiate sports league


· Athletes must have participated in a national or international level competition or event


· Athletes must have been nationally or internationally ranked in a high position


· Athletes must have obtained a national or international award for their excellence


For the P-1B you need to meet the following conditions:


· The entertainer or group has had major success in ratings, records, videos sales, or box offices sales

· The entertainer or group has achievements outlined in trade journals or major newspapers

· The entertainer or group has recognition from critics, government agencies, or other field experts who can testify to the individual’s or group’s achievements

· The entertainer or group has a high salary and good compensation from the activities that they do


Who is eligible for these Visas?

The P1A and P1B visas are available to both individuals and groups of athletes or entertainers who have been nationally or internationally recognized. These visas enable the holders to come to the US to compete for prize money or awards. Additionally, staff members or essential personnel necessary for the performances of the athletes or entertainers can also obtain a P1 visa.

The P1 visa allows its holders to take part in athletic seasons, entertainment events, trips, sports competitions, and other activities. They can also study part-time while they are in the United States. One limit, though, is for people who are in a group. Athletes or entertainers on a team cannot perform separately in the United States. If you obtain a P1 visa to join your squad and perform together, all performances must be shared with them rather than alone.


I meet the requirements; how do I apply?

For either athletes or entertainers, the procedure for obtaining a P1 visa is very similar. Athletes and performers may not start the application process on their own. To go to the United States to perform or compete, they must be sponsored by a US employer or organization. As a result, the first stage is for an American business or organization to petition USCIS and obtain permission.


How long does the process take?


The P1 visa has a processing time of three to six months. Although the wait is long, premium processing may be purchased by US institutions. If you opt for premium processing on your visa, you'll have to pay an extra $1,225 and receive a response within 15 days if the US organizations don't contact you within 15 days. Your money will be reimbursed if the US institutions do not notify you of your visa status after 15 days.


For how long is my P-1 Visa Valid?

The P1 visa is granted to athletes, and depending on the individual, there are different validities and conditions for extension.

The maximum time that a team of athletes can stay in the United States on a visa is one year. The visa for the team may be extended for an additional 1-year period. For critical staff, the first validity is one year, but they can extend it for another five years for a total stay of ten years.

Actors and singers who belong to performance groups will be allowed a maximum stay of one year, with extensions available in one-year increments until the engagement is finished.


Can I bring my family with me?

P1 visa allow holders to bring their family members with them to the United States. The spouse and unmarried minor children under the age of 21 are considered dependents. The spouse and children of the principal P1 visa holder will be able to apply for a dependent relative visa at the same time.


We have extensive knowledge of US immigration law and we can help you during this process. It is always best to not do this alone, look for an experienced sports visa lawyer or entertainment immigration lawyer to assist.

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