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What is Crimmigration?

Crimmigration is a term used by criminal defense attorneys

and immigration attorneys to refer to the combination of

immigration laws and criminal laws. For foreign nationals,

such as lawful permanent residents or undocumented immigrants,

rimmigration can have serious repercussions.

It’s basically where criminal law and immigration law meet.

How did it start?

Up until 1980, individuals of America and those without citizenship

were delivered the same penalties. Presently this has shifted:

If a non-citizen is convicted of a crime, not only will he or she face

criminal penalties, but his or her chances of remaining in the

United States are slim.

Criminal cases have always been handled by local criminal courts

and immigration cases handled by immigration court. However,

an immigration judge can take into consideration whether there

is even a pending case in criminal court when making a decision

in deportation proceedings.

This can complicate the individual’s life in so many ways. There is a

possibility of removal even before a criminal conviction, and

an immigration benefit can be denied because of a pending case.

Crimmigration has grown more common and complex in recent years.

Several factors have contributed to this trend, including:

- An increase in the number of non-citizens in the United States;

- Changes to immigration laws, making it easier to deport

non-citizens for certain crimes;

- The introduction of new technologies, such as biometrics,

which make it easier to track and apprehend non-citizens; and

- The post-9/11 climate, has led to increased security measures and

a greater focus on national security.

Every single aspect should be handled carefully, by one attorney.

One law firm. You are in better hands with one

CrImmigration Attorney – instead of a criminal defense attorney

and a separate immigration attorney.

The proper crimmigration defense team will help you address the actual charges against you, risk of deportation, risk of having an ICE hold and receiving an ICE bond, and the ability to get a green card or naturalize during the case or after a conviction.


Padilla Consulting for Criminal Defense Attorneys

Attorney LaGrone regularly consults with individual criminal defense attorneys who are unfamiliar with immigration. She is one of the crimmigration experts in Atlanta and has often spoken on national panels. She will analyze your client’s case and the immigration consequences to your client and then issue an opinion letter. This careful and strategic analysis helps the criminal defense attorney and their client make an informed and calculated decision on how to move forward with the case.

Our managing attorney, Melaney LaGrone, had the honor of speaking on a crimmigration panel with three other great attorneys at the AILA National Conference in NYC! Thank you American Immigration Lawyers Association.

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