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Behind Every Man Is A Strong Woman™

Our Mission

Here at LaGrone Law, we are real people helping real people. We understand that one of the biggest apprehensions in dealing with attorneys is lack of communication. At LaGrone Law, we pride ourselves in answering the phone, answering your questions, and setting reasonable expectations as to what can and cannot be done in your case. It is our goal to listen to and effectively address your unique situation in a manner that you can comprehend. We are here to fight with you, not against you. LaGrone Law, LLC…Fighting to keep families together.

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Melaney LaGrone, Managing Attorney

Hey guys, I know you worry about how you

will support your

family if you are convicted of a crime, sent to prison,

or deported.

I know you worry about how your family

will survive without you.

As a black or brown man in Georgia, you feel like you

are a target and can’t win.

The System is unfair, and you cannot catch a break.

We know how you feel.

We too believe you do not get a fair shake when

it comes to the System.

We believe that our husbands, fathers, and sons are

the backbone of our

families, and we are here to level the playing field.

Our goal is to keep families together.

We are here to help!

As a former police officer and former prosecutor,

Attorney Mel knows exactly how the officers and

prosecutors work together to put our black

and brown men behind bars. For 10 years, she

spent day in and day out with the very people who

want to keep you down.

She knows their strategies and their tricks, and she

knows exactly how they roll. That is

why she transitioned from prosecuting crimes

to defending the men accused of crimes.

Because she believes she has

a duty to do her part in keeping our

families together and making sure that fairness

and justice applies to all men.


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We offer virtual online appointments for your convenience

where we will discuss your case and tell you what we

can and cannot do for you.

Text 678-250-6968 now so we can schedule a time to

discuss your case and let you know how we can help you.

Attorney Mel is a straight shooter, and she will

be very honest with you about what you can expect to happen.

If she is not

sure she can help you, she will not take your money.


Attorney LaGrone is admitted to the State Bar of Georgia,

the Georgia Supreme Court, and can practice before

the United States District Court in the Northern District of Georgia.

She’s also admitted to the State Bar of Michigan,

and the U.S. Virgin Islands Bar.  Attorney LaGrone is an

active member of the Georgia Association of

Criminal Defense Lawyers (GACDL) and

the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

She has had the honor of being a Super Lawyers Rising Star

for multiple years in a row. 

Our managing attorney, Melaney LaGrone, had the honor of speaking on a crimmigration panel with three other great attorneys at the AILA National Conference in NYC! Thank you American Immigration Lawyers Association.

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LL Logo

LAGRONE LAW Wants to Be the Change For Your Family



LAGRONE LAW is an innovative firm, that is always current on immigration law, policy and procedures. We also utilize the latest tech resources to leverage handling your case. 


LAGRONE LAW is a full transparency firm. As a client, you can trust that you will be part of the entire process for your specific case. And our representation is tailored to your unique situation.


Once you become a client, you are treated like family. We are accessible, and can be reached by phone, email, or additional consultation if we see fit.

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