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Punishments for driving under the influence in Georgia differ according to your history of prior convictions

When someone receives their first DUI charge in Georgia, they must contend with the following possible penalties:

· A year-long period of probationary evaluation

· A penalty of no less than $300, plus all related court fees and surcharges.

· Depending on the offense, a sentence of 1-10 days in jail may be imposed and could possibly even be waived.

· A minimum of 40 hours dedicated to community service.

· Substance abuse counseling

· Completing the DUI Risk Reduction School (commonly referred to as DUI School).

· Driving privileges are limited to a restricted permit, resulting in Suspension of the Driver's License.


In the state of Georgia, individuals convicted of a second DUI are subject to severe repercussions, including:

· Depending on the severity of the offense, probation can last between one to three years.

· Violators of this law may face a fine of up to $1000, in addition to applicable surcharges and court costs.

· For offenses punishable in jail, probation can cover 90 days to 12 months. However, at least 3 days must be served behind bars.

· Spend 240 hours in service of your community over the course of a month.

· DUI School

· Driver's License Suspension

· Red stripe on license

· Following the expiration of a 120-day hard license suspension, installing an ignition interlock device is necessary.

· Surrender your License Plate.

· Obligatory guidance on the challenges of substance abuse

· Potential DUI Court, in Jurim.

· Publishing photos of the convicted individual in the legal organ of their county is a mandatory requirement.

For those individuals who are convicted of their third DUI offense in the state of Georgia, they may be subject to some serious consequences that could include:

· Probationary periods can range from 12 to 36 months.

· DUI School.

· Hefty fines ranging from $1000 to an astonishing $5000, along with all court costs and surcharges.

· Up to 12 months imprisonment with a minimum 15-day jail sentence as it is considered a high and aggravated misdemeanor.

· 30 days of community service (240 hours).

· After five years of suspension, you will be allowed to drive again with an interlock permit if two have elapsed.

· Relinquishment of License Plate.

· Advertising the details of the case, including a photograph, in the local newspaper of where the accused resides is mandatory.

· Making drug and alcohol treatment is mandatory.

· Declaration of Habitual Violator Status.

· Potential DUI Court, in areas that offer the program.


When an individual is charged with their fourth DUI in the state of Georgia, they could be slapped with severe penalties such as:

· For drivers in Georgia, a fourth DUI is considered a felony offense.

· DUI School.

· Imprisonment for up to five years (decreasing with any time spent on probation).

· For the next decade, driving privileges will be suspended.

· Monetary penalties range from $1000 - $5000.

· Completing 480 hours of community service within a span of 60 days.

· Surrender of license plate

· Mandatory counseling, specifically concerning alcohol and drug abuse, is a requirement for all individuals.

· Publishing a photograph in the court bulletin of the county where the defendant resides.

· Potential DUI Court, In areas that offer the program.

· Possessing a felony conviction for life.

· Any other conceivable punishments related to a felony conviction

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