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What to do after a deportation order

August 17, 2022 -

Your deportation order might be reversed. It all depends on what happened in court, how and why the order was given. After the Judge's resolution, you may have these 3 options:

· Motions to Reopen (often done in cases of being removed in absentia)

· Motions to Reconsider your Removal or Deportation Order Before the Board of Immigration Appeals

· Appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals

The grounds for removal determine whether or not an appeal may be filed. If a person's removal has been authorized because they have previously committed a crime for which they have already been convicted, an appeal of the removal order is not possible.

However, if the removal order is based on the fact that the person committed a crime, but has not yet been convicted, then there may be an appeal option.

If you don't have a legal basis to appeal, the next step is to consider whether you should request "Voluntary Departure." This allows you to depart the United States at your own expense and timetable (subject to restrictions), so it's less difficult to return.

An experienced Atlanta deportation lawyer can analyze the facts of your case and determine whether any legal grounds may exist for opposing removal.

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